The Canal Club


1545 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219



Bone Storm, Spiral Fracture

Sun, June 11, 2017

6:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

Formed in the crucible of Richmond Virginia's underground gutter drone music scene, Gritter is a band that delivers shotgun blasts from both barrels when the trend in modern metal tends toward speed and surgical precision. Turning their backs on the idea that metal should be faster, more technical, and high complex, Gritter has deliberately carved out the groove by down tuning and creating a tempo akin to fucking in a tar pit, and drawing out riffs literally dripping with the slow sexy drawl of the south.
A band like Gritter could only be forged in the mind boiling humid heat the summer in the south, whiskey fueled bar brawls and floating down a muddy river in a tractor tire while consuming cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Over the foundation of bone crushing gut shaking grooves, Gritter deliver lyrics with a certain redneck wisdom alluding to the notion that they are somewhat more than hillbillys raised on country and classic rock.
Writing from the depths of their souls, drawing directly from experience in this very real and harsh world, Gritter weaves stories and legends from their own past. Having willingly descended into and returned from the various hells of drug addiction, incarceration, suicide attempts and insane asylums, the members of Gritter have faced their own demons and offer commentary on life from the perspective of a fearless engagement with it, rather than some college educated standoffish opinion of what others simply hope life might be.
Gritter delivers a message loud and proud aimed straight at the guts of misfits and misanthropes, stating simply, "WE HAVE SURVIVED AND SO CAN YOU- SO WALK WITH US!" While in the same breath throwing down the gauntlet with the challenge- " WE HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT WE KNOW, DO WHAT WE WANT, AND GO WHERE WE PLEASE..... HAVE YOU?"

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Death metal band from Middletown, Connecticut, US.
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Spiral Fracture
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Canal Club
1545 E. Cary Street
Richmond, VA, 23220