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The J.O.B.

The J.O.B.

Brickwall Jackson, Mikes Gayles, Jason and the Dazie Train

Sat, August 5, 2017

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

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This event is all ages

The J.O.B.
The J.O.B.
The J.O.B. was formed by Jim O'Ferrell (acoustic guitar & vocals) and Jason Crawford (electric guitar) when O'Ferrell returned from the War in Iraq in 2008. Originally intended as a vehicle from which to record the powerful songs Jim had written between missions as a soldier during the war, the band has evolved into a compelling alternative rock band with a music portfolio including 4 albums and two Top 40 songs. The band has an energetic modern rock sound with an Americana pulse to which everyone can connect and experience. Rounding out this four-piece group are Len DuPilka on bass and Eric Bandy on the drummer's throne.

Working now on their 5th studio album, The J.O.B.'s portfolio includes two songs that climbed high on radio spin charts in the United States. From their most recent album release, "Messenger" found a large audience with commercial and college radio stations and spent 24 weeks as one of the Top 100 songs played on adult contemporary radio stations in the United States. Another song from the same album, "Feel" was also released as a radio single and spent 26 weeks on the adult contemporary Top 40 Chart in the USA in 2012 and 2013 (FMQB AC Top 100, 2012-2013).
The J.O.B.
Always learning, developing, and growing artistically, The J.O.B. is a full time, independent original music project. When not composing new songs or rehearsing an existing set list, the band performs everywhere throughout the region, from saloons to festivals. The J.O.B. has performed on live television, performed live radio studio sessions, and was featured in a television commercial for the Virginia Lottery.

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Brickwall Jackson
Brickwall Jackson
Brickwall Jackson has been playing its own uncompromising brand of original music since 2012. Their first album, "Just Life", set the course for the musical direction songwriter and band leader Johnny Hudak had charted; an unflinching look at life, love and family relationships that describe the human condition.
Now Brickwall Jackson has recently released their second album, "Beautiful Mystery", a collection of 11 sharply focused, vivid songs that carry on the storytelling tradition; as much richly told narratives as they are crisp musical numbers.
When lead vocalist Suzie "MoJo" Johnson, bassist Chuck Harrell, drummer Rod "Sticks" Hicks and keyboardist David Crutcher team with Hudak's brisk, insistent acoustic and rock-tinged electric numbers the result is a powerful and innovative blend of uniquely American music.
Some say it's Alternative Country. Some call it Americana. Come listen to Brickwall Jackson and you'll end up calling it your music.

"Richmond is in dire need of Americana and country music that matters and actually turns ears. With Brickwall Jackson, this is happening. The quintet delivers the songs that embody our lives. Work, family, play, love, stress and life itself is all foreshadowed through the deep arrangements of Hudak's songwriting and through Brickwall Jackson's marvelous accord."
- John Morgan, One Way Richmond -

Johnny Hudak, Chuck Harrell, Suzie "MoJo" Johnson, David Crutcher, Rod "Sticks" Hicks
Mikes Gayles
Mikes Gayles
Jason and the Dazie Train
Jason and the Dazie Train
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