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Hamaganza 2017- The Final Insult

Downstairs @The Canal Club

Hamaganza 2017- The Final Insult

Red Light Rodeo, Thing2, The Hamaganza Dirt Band, X Suckas, Iggy Plop, Chrome Daddy Disco, The Vapor Rhinos

Fri, December 22, 2017

8:00 pm


Tickets at the Door

This event is 18 and over

Red Light Rodeo, Thing2, The Hamaganza Dirt Band, X Suckas, Iggy Plop, Chrome Daddy Disco, The Vapor Rhinos

Celebrity Appearances by varous members of Richmond City Council, the Virginia General Assembly, and various local media "celebrities

$10 or a juicy ham (larger donations always welcome)

Proceeds to benefit the Food Bank and Massey Cancer.
In Dirtwoman We Trust.

Hamaganza 2017- The Final Insult
Hamaganza 2017- The Final Insult
Join us for our yearly Hamaganza experience. Dirtwoman, hot burlesque chicks, midgets, drag queens, politicians, local celebs, dudes in tight pants...we've got it all. Oh, and ya gotta bring a ham (or a $10 dollar donation) to join us because it all benefits the Central VA Foodbank.
Red Light Rodeo
Red Light Rodeo
Red Light Rodeo has been spreading their innovative take on country, bluegrass and traditional music in your favorite barrooms, music festivals, and listening rooms around Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region since early 2012. The Rodeo mixes age old words and melodies with the raw rock and roll energy of hard-edged country and honky-tonk to create original music and traditional renderings that keeps their fan base coming back for more.

Wes Canter leads the band with his tobacco stained crooning and heavy-hitting rhythm guitar. Zach Hudgins brings masterfully delivered thumping standup bass with floor rattling solos and sings high harmony vocals. Zack Miller works double duty playing blistering leads on both mandolin and fiddle (sometimes in the same song!) all while singing middle and bass harmonies. Together their musical backgrounds cover the gambit from classic country music to British whaling ballads, early 20th century swing, gospel, funk, and of course, traditional old-time Appalachian music.

At their core Red Light Rodeo has been called a “bluegrass power trio” but the band believes the music they play could more aptly be described as "honkgrass" since even their bluegrass and folk music is tinged heavily with a country sound and feel.

Red Light Rodeo also frequently performs as a 5-piece with the Rodeo All-Stars, bringing veteran heavyweight Richmond musicians Jake Sellers (washboard/drums) and Kent South (electric guitar/lap steel) onto the stage.

The Rodeo released their first 5 song EP, Nothing But the Nuts, in June of 2014. They plan to release a 7" single in Fall of 2014 and will enter the studio to begin recording their first full length album in the Winter.
Iggy Plop
Iggy Plop
We have been listening and loving Iggy and The Stooges since we first grew ears!! The line up may change but The Plop will always stay the same!!
Chrome Daddy Disco
Chrome Daddy Disco
An original twist on Rock-a-billy in RVA since 1989. Never comfortable w/ being labled Rock-a-billy or Psycho-billy etc.. because those are easily worn uniforms with standardized off the rack approaches more often than not. CDD has always been a tight, powerful & entertaining Rock & Roll band. Having seen 19 plus musicians do time with CDD over the last 20 plus years, the one constant in CDD from day one has been the sincere commitment to this home grown genre of front man Sean McClain (me). Humorous, arrogant, and at times caustic, I've known folks to LOVE the show - and some to be REPULSED by it. Never heard of anyone being bored though.
From 1989 till the late 90's CDD was at it's most active, playing up and down the east coast and locally. Bands like the Useless Playboys, Frantic Frank & the Flattops, Glenmont Popes, Flat Duo Jets And Southern Culture on the Skids were bands we often played with in RVA and on the road. As time went on members here and there moved on for different reasons, some having spent several years with the band. Time away from the project was spent dabbling in another local band called Gorgeous for a few years and most recently We did a tribute to the Cramps with the passing of Lux Interior. For a year and a half, the core of CDD was channeling Lux's spirit as true to form as possible. The hand full of shows were memorable and well received.
Highlights over the years... Link Ray fest '93 Chapel Hill, Sleazefests '94 & '95 also in Chapel Hill, Raunch-o Rama in Gainesville Fla, The wrap party for "Homicide" in Baltimore, Got to play CB's, A ton of great shows both here in RVA and on the road with killer bands and a lot of great lasting friendships over the years.
So........... Now my freak ass is feeling twitchy again so I've assembled a tough ass combo to re-emerge as RVA's latest incarnation of Chrome Daddy Disco. Heads WILL role! S
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Canal Club
1545 E. Cary Street
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