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1545 East Cary Street
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We The People, Max Stone

Sat, May 19, 2018

9:00 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 18 and over

LITZ brings together a wide array of musical influences ranging from funk, jam, go-go, soul, electronica and just about everywhere inbetween to amalgamate a new sound for the ears of the world. Their sound strides to sonically transport it's listeners to another planet free of the stress, struggles, and tribulations of modern day life through the use of funky horn riffs, wah-wah keys, pounding bass, driving/progressive rhythms and melt your face guitar.
We The People
We The People
With the latest release of their music video, Rise, We The People are delving deep with blending the raw elements of psychedelic, progressive-fusion rock. The Northern-Virginia based trio (guitarist/vocalist Cody Fowler, bassist Kevin Fournier, and drummer Zach Johnson) are like a big, funky bowl of soup. They intertwine genres - mixing together different ingredients like funk-jam with a little jazzy salt and pepper, and a hint of spicy psychedelic, topped with a little dance party garnish (because it's all about presentation) to serve to you, the perfect combination for the best ear pleasing, rump shaking, head banging, foot stomping bowl of soup that you've ever had.

The three have played separately in various projects throughout their musical career, but in 2015 the group solidified and found their niche with one another with the onset of their newest addition Zach, who at the time was attending Shenandoah University Music Conservatory. Their debut release with two singles, Collecting Dust and Clusterphunk, showcase the drive, dedication and musical creativity that started a fire that can not be put out. With that fire brought performances with numerous well known artists. We The People have performed at several festivals including their own personally thrown festival, LaLa Land.

"Scratch all of our plans and leave behind the lies, I know a place where we can hide." As of 2016 We The People took a defined period of time towards refining and recording in the studio to allow for a more raw drive to truly be brought to their performances. With this they were able to tap into a truly cohesive mindset which can be seen in the depth of their friendships as well as the depth of their music. "Listen, love, and repeat." According to Cody, "This has been a time unlike any other in our musical aspirations and dreams." Until the time comes they are steadily putting in twelve hour workdays to bring you an experience which connects and leaves you with a memory more than satisfying.
Max Stone
Max Stone
Progressive Trance / Progressive House music producer from Ul'yanovsk, Russia.
Born: 05-11-1987.
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Canal Club
1545 E. Cary Street
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